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From Quadrilingual to Bilingual: On the Multilingual Teaching in the Chinese Schools in the Philippines (从四语人到双语人:论菲律宾华校的多语教学)

Filipino, Chinese, neither, or both? The Lannang identity and its relationship with language

Hokkien Chinese Borrowings in Tagalog

Interactions of Sinitic languages in the Philippines:
Sinicization, Filipinization, and Sino-Philippine language creation

Elementary Hokkien conversation

Chinese-English-Tagalog-Spanish Business conversation and social contact with Amoy pronunciation

Vowel system or vowel systems? Variation in the monophthongs of Philippine Hybrid Hokkien in Manila

Chinese music in the Philippines: History and contemporary practices

Xiqu in the Philippines: From Church Suppression to MegaMall Shows

A speech communication profile of three generations of Filipino-Chinese in Metro Manila: Their use of English, Pilipino and Chinese languages in different domains, role-relationships, speech situations and functions

Trilingual code-switching using quantitative lenses: An exploratory study on Hokaglish

Language contact in the Philippines: The history and ecology from a Chinese Filipino perspective

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