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Lannang Orthography

Spelling Lánnang-uè the Lannang Way.  A writing system derived from Lannangs, by Lannangs, for Lannangs.

Wilkinson Daniel Wong GONZALES, Ph.D.

Second Edition. Updated as of May 13, 2024

The Lannang Orthography is a broad phonetic writing system based on nearly a decade of research within the Lannang community, originally developed in June 2020 by Lannang-identifying Dr. Wilkinson Daniel Wong Gonzales (Assistant Professor, CUHK). It draws significant inspiration from the ways Lannangs commonly spell Lánnang-uè during texting and on social media platforms, a method informed by interviews with over 150 Lannangs in metropolitan Manila.

Lánnang-uè is primarily an oral language in the Philippines and has historically lacked a standardized writing system. The language includes not only Hokkien-derived words but also incorporates elements from Tagalog, English, and other Philippine languages. The absence of a consistent writing system complicates efforts in language and cultural preservation, which are facilitated by stable orthographies—as seen with Latin  and Korean. In the Philippines, attempts to adapt existing systems like Peh-oe-ji and Tailo to Lánnang-uè have not been entirely successful, particularly with non-Hokkien words. A pilot survey indicated that these systems are perceived as opaque and challenging for beginners. These findings led to the creation of a tailored Lannang Orthography.

This orthography is detailed in a booklet or manual and is accompanied by a pronunciation guide

If you are interested in seeing how Lannang Orthography or Lannang spelling works in long paragraphs, you can visit Prof. Gonzales' dissertation abstract or the following website:

To cite:

Gonzales, Wilkinson Daniel Wong. 2024. Lannang Orthography (LO) Second Edition. The Lannang Archives.


How do I spell Lánnang-uè? This booklet contains the full set of sounds and tones of Lánnang-uè and includes the conventions of the spelling system.

Pronunication Guide

An interactive reference to Hokkien-, Tagalog-, and English-sourced Lánnang-uè sounds and mechanisms useful for  spelling in Lánnang-uè.


A list of common Hokkien-sourced words and phrases in Lánnang-uè.

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