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Lecture, Workshop

Speak Asian: Lannang 101, etc.

A workshop series that focuses on Lannang history, identity, and language

August 2020

Month-long event

Mid-Autumn Season (Mid-Autumn Games)

An annual event culminating with the Mid-Autumn Games!

October 2020



What does it mean to have Lannang heritage? This series features various individuals’ responses to this question. This is a series of posts and articles highlighting individuals with Lannang heritage.

July 2020


General Recruitment

A month-long search for individuals who have the passion for Lannang heritage conservation.

June 2020 (TBD)


What is 'Lannang'? Illustration series

A series of posters showcasing our stand on what "Lannang" means.

June 17, 2020


Brand refresh: The Lannang Archives

The transition to a more inclusive brand has been completed.

June 15, 2020



A workshop designed to give transcribers more training in their transcription jobs.

May 2020

Lecture, Workshop

The Chinoy Archives Language and Culture Series (TCALCS)

An annual series of talks and workshops that focus on the Lannang language varieties and culture.

May 2020


Call for transcribers

The initiative is looking for transcribers to help in our advocacy.

May 2020

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