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My Language is

by: Sreekanth Kopuri

something that crumbles

with the bruised touch

of the Silence,

the living weapon i need

to fight by, born without

a tongue,

a death with unbroken bones

dripping with dry beads of thirst –

the words

of its throat, muted by our thorns

of darkness in its flesh that fails

only to win

over the sharpened edges

of our beliefs that sickle

and hammer

to join hands with their objective

comrades that bluster against

the Word


About the author

Sreekanth Kopuri is an Indian English poet from Machilipatnam, India. He was an alumni Writer in Residence, at Strange Days Books Greece. He recited his poetry and presented his research papers in many countries. His poems and research articles were widely published in journals like Heartland Review, Nebraska Writers Guild, Poetry Centre San Jose, Underground Writers Association, Word Fountain, A New Ulster, to mention a few. His book Poems of the Void was the finalist for the EYELANDS BOOKS AWARD. Kopuri is presently an independent research scholar in Contemporary Poetry, silence, and Holocaust poetry. He lives in his hometown Machilipatnam with his mother teaching and writing.


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