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by: Aldo Quagliotti

You grow and I get old

we swing as weeds get cut

your voice tones up, my hair turns white

the noise of days getting bye

becomes a signature on your diary

the digital involvement

pales at my return

when I hug you after months

and so much of you is upset

we throw our dice right in the middle

your revolution, my nostalgia

we whip our days ignoring

that time is selflessly marathon training

since we first met in mum’s belly

and you were smaller than a thought

than a fear, than a hope

and now you are the baby I wish I had

the pipe dream I sealed in a bottle

and poured in the sea of realism


About the author

Aldo Quagliotti is an Italian poet living in London, UK.

He's the author of Japanese Tosa (London Poetry Books) and Confessions Of A Pregnant Man (AllienBuddha Press).

His poems have been rewarded in Italy, Brazil, USA, Canada, Ireland and in the United Kingdom. He has been selected for important anthologies such as Paper therapy,Yawp!, The Essential anthology, Murmurations, Poetical Word, Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus. Several webzines and magazines have published his work, such as INNSÆI, U-rights, Credo espoir, Parouisia , Poetica Review and many more. In October 2020 He Has been chosen to represent the Poetry Corner at the London Chelsea + Kesington Art Week.

With a diploma at London College of Media and Publishing in music criticism, He also collaborates with music webzines like Peek-a-boo and Gigsoup, and offers genuine feedback to emerging authors/ musicians on his personal blog Quaquaversal. (


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