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Here’s what I know:

by: Leila Tualla

Here’s what I know:

Usa lang ako. I am one.

I am alone.

Mahal ko…..STOP.

Sayap. I am sorry. Words escape me,

And my mother tongue gets duller as I age.

I eat. Macaon.

Masarap - whatever is delicious.

Words and phrases hang in the air like bubbles.

Some pop for me like memories.

Another word. Another phrase.

Other words flee from my grasp.

I miss my Lolo and his words that brought me

comfort; reminding me of home.


About the author

Leila Tualla is a Filipino-American poet and author. Leila’s books include a YA contemporary romance called, Love, Defined and a memoir/poetry collection called Storm of Hope: God, Preeclampsia, Depression and me. Her poetry is featured in several mental health anthologies and she is currently working on a poetry collection based on Asian American stereotypes and identifies.


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