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by: Aldo Quagliotti

I appreciate days among dandelions

breathing in the briny hue

whilst the cliff stands in the way

certainties flake off, goals even worse

everything is lively, once more

tasting like lavender

the same sauffron I battled with

colours my hands, I’m gently stroking

the rose-tinted flower’s uterus

all I can recall is

the clanking noise of the washing machine

where my parents conceived me

adamantly insisting

in having an extra rinse

Love must be the Great Flood

a tender eel, a rolling wave

swimming through our blood

until you are not the same


About the author

Aldo Quagliotti is an italian poet living in London, UK.

He's the author of Japanese Tosa (London Poetry Books) and Confessions Of A Pregnant Man (AllienBuddha Press).

His poems have been rewarded in Italy, Brazil, USA, Canada, Ireland and in the United Kingdom. He has been selected for important anthologies such as Paper therapy,Yawp!, The Essential anthology, Murmurations, Poetical Word, Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus. Several webzines and magazines have published his work, such as INNSÆI, U-rights, Credo espoir, Parouisia , Poetica Review and many more. In October 2020 He Has been chosen to represent the Poetry Corner at the London Chelsea + Kesington Art Week.

With a diploma at London College of Media and Publishing in music criticism, He also collaborates with music webzines like Peek-a-boo and Gigsoup, and offers genuine feedback to emerging authors/ musicians on his personal blog Quaquaversal. (


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