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LSP partners with TCA

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

The Linguistic Society of the Philippines (LSP) officially partnered with The Chinoy Archives (TCA) last May 5, 2019. Both organizations are aligned in the advocacy for Philippine language documentation and the advancement of Philippine linguistics. The partnership aims to accelerate the fulfillment of the objectives of both organizations, respectively. Particularly, it hopes to increase the presence of Sino-Philippine languages in regional, national, and international research.

The terms of the partnership include the launching of the The Chinoy Archives and Linguistic Society of the Philippines Scribe Award (TCA-LSP Scribe Award). Details can be found here: They also include jointly hosting The Chinoy Archives Language and Culture Series (TCALCS).

Held at least once a year, TCALCS is a series of talks and workshops that creates awareness and seeks to inspire scholars to join the advocacy for Sino-Philippine language and culture documentation.

TCA is a non-profit Chinese Filipino language and culture documentation initiative ( created to spread awareness and generate interest in Chinese Filipino ‘Chinoy’/Filipino-Chinese linguistics and language documentation. It has the primary aim of establishing solid (socio)linguistic databases (i.e. the Archives) and team of researchers, scholars, and linguists that are interested in investigating and preserving the Chinoy culture(s) and identit(ies) through the documentation of Chinoy languages, varieties, and linguistic phenomena. It is committed to working with the Chinoy community as well as local and international organizations that uphold its advocacy. It does this by organizing seminars, workshops, and training programs.

Apart from awareness and documentation, TCA hopes to be involved in the revitalization of Chinoy varieties within, and perhaps beyond, the Chinese Filipino community.

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