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New org, new members: Welcome to TLA!

In light of its recent rebranding, The Lannang Archives welcomes the following members: Julber Osio, Misha Ysabel Hwang, Clifford De Jesus, Dave Ryan Mikhail Go, Belinda Tan, Victoria Ang, Jennifer Sun, and Hui-Giok Lim. These individuals bested more than 50% of the applicants in the 2020-2021 pool, exhibiting a diverse range of skills that are crucial for the development of the organization.

Julber Osio will be heading the Publications committee. One of his initiatives is a magazine for the organization. It is planned to be launched next month.

Misha Ysabel Hwang will be heading the Research committee. As a data scientist, she is interested in making the process of documenting Philippine Hybrid Hokkien (Lánnang-uè) easier by automating the transcription and coding process.

Clifford De Jesus will be joining as a motion graphics and video editing specialist. Currently, he is involved in the production of the planned #LannangTalks video series, co-hosted by Jennifer Sun and Wilkinson Gonzales.

Dave Ryan Mikhail Go will be heading the Marketing committee. He will also be joining as a Research Assistant assisting in the documentation of Lánnang-uè.

Belinda Tan will be joining the Human Resources committee as a team member. She will be in charge of managing the recruitment process.

Victoria Ang will be a research assistant. She is currently working on several transcriptions of Lánnang-uè.

Jennifer Sun will be joining the Media committee as a co-host for the planned #LannangTalks video series, co-hosted by her and Wilkinson Gonzales.

Hui-Giok Lim will be joining the Research Committee as a member. One of his initiatives is to make a contemporary dictionary of Philippine Hokkien.

For more information about them, please visit this link.

Want to be involved like them? Join our team. Visit this link.

How about a summary of our projects? Click here.

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