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Describing Chinese Filipino varieties 

Dates: May 9, 2019 (Thursday) and June 22, 2019 (Saturday)

Time: 10 AM to 3 PM


10 AM - 11 AM: Talk

11 AM to 12 NN: Orthography workshop

12 NN to 1 PM: Lunch Break

1 PM to 3 PM : Transcription workshop

3 PM onwards: In-depth transcription session (more hands-on, I will also provided direct feedback) (location tentative)


Location: PH 400, Palma Hall, Pavilion One, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Registration/Pre-workshop form link:


This four-hour seminar-workshop comprises of one talk and two workshop sessions. 


Session 1: Talk  “The Chinese (Filipino) and Language”

The talk provides a brief overview of the history of the Chinese (Filipinos) in the Philippines and their languages and varieties. It provides evidence of the gradual endangerment of Chinoy varieties, in particular Philippine Hybrid Hokkien (PHH), motivating the documentation initiative. 


Session 2: Workshop “Writing the Chinoy way: Orthographic conventions”

The first workshop introduces participants to a writing system of Chinoy Hokkien-based varieties. It begins with basic linguistic concepts, followed by some rules for the writing system. Throughout the workshop, participants are expected to do basic audio transcription the proposed system without using dedicated software. 


Session 3: Workshop “Using software for transcribing Chinoy varieties: The basics”

The second workshop is centered on using software, particularly ELAN, for transcription. It is designed to give participants a hands-on experience. Participants will transcribe PHH for this workshop.


Things to do/bring before Training/workshop

For all attendees: Fill out the Pre-workshop form (Link here:


Please fill this out to confirm attendance.

For attendees interested in becoming a research assistant or those that want to learn how to use ELAN using PHH data AND for those that want the best workshop experience,

1. Bring your laptop and the laptop charger 

2. Bring a set of headphones/earphones

3. Download “Transcription Package” and save it to your laptop (Link here:

4. Install ELAN and PhraseExpress on your laptop (from “Software” folder)

5. Load tonefastinput.pxi (Open with PhraseExpress) (from “Files” folder)

6. Take a look at the slides and familiarize yourself with the orthography:

7. Optional, but preferred: Have internet connection

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