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Lannang Orthography to Lannangdi input method for Rime

Project Head(s)

Lance Sibi

Project Member(s)



to allow learners and speakers of Lannang-ue to type in lannangdi.

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Project description

This project aims to allow learners and speakers of Lannang-ue to type in lannangdi by inputting Lannang Orthography and selecting the characters on screen using the open-source customizable input method Rime ( The Rime recipe will be named rime-lannang. Rime is cross-platform and available on many devices and operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, iPad OS, and Android. Instructions on how to set up Rime and the Rime recipe for Lannang-ue will be given after the stable version release of rime-lannang on GitHub.

The schema used for this Rime recipe will be based on our The Lannang Archives Lannang-ue dictionary. We may also include the existing rime-hokkien ( recipe to aid in the development of rime-lannang.

Launch date

August 27, 2020

End date




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