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Philippine Hokkien Dictionary
Hui33dip3pin33 Hok3kien1ue44 Si3tien1

Project Head(s)

Hui-Giok Lim (林慧玉 Dim3 Hui3giok2)

Project Member(s)


to document the lexicon of Philippine Hokkien

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Project description

An online dictionary led by Hui-Giok Lim (林慧玉 Dim3 Hui3giok2) consisting of a few thousand Philippine Hokkien words, including existing variant pronunciations when applicable. Many of these words are part of Lan2nang3ue44 (Lánnang-uè) as well and make up a significant portion of it.

Though this will be a work in progress over the next few years, it will be free and accessible for anyone to use from an early stage, with updates and additional entries/sections to be added from time to time.

Included in each entry are the words written in Chinese characters as used by Philippine Hokkien (漢字 Han1di44) whenever possible and two romanizations created for Philippine Hokkien: Hui3di44 (慧字) and Lánnang Orthographŷ, with definitions in English. Additional content such as sample sentences and audio recordings for pronunciation will be added in the future.

Launch date

August 18, 2020

End date




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