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My Language, My Heritage

What is My Language, My Heritage?

It is a community language documentation project: speakers of Lannang languages around the Philippines help conserve their language by recording narratives and submitting them to us. These stories are then transcribed by our research assistants into text form. Both audio and text files are then archived and then made available to the public. It is hoped that future generations with Lannang heritage will be able to access them and learn about our rich Lannang culture and languages when they want to.

What are the objectives?

  • To archive the narratives of the Lannangs and capture their rich heritage.

  • To create a database of transcribed audio linguistic data that has equal representation of all Lannang communities across the Philippines and in other parts of the globe, not just in Manila.

  • To capture the interactions of the different Lannang codes with society. 

What can I do?

Participating in this project is easy! All you have to do is follow these steps:​

  1. Find an interested participant (e.g. grandparents, parents, friends)

  2. Create a recording or multiple recordings (of yourself or with a partner) in one of the languages or varieties of interest (e.g. Lánnang-uè, Hokkien, English).

    • Online and face-to-face options are available.

    • The materials are provided in this link.

  3. For each participant in the audio recording, complete the profile survey.

For details on technicalities and submission protocol, visit this link.

What do I need to have? How about my participant?

You OR your partner must have:

  • A recording device (e.g. phone with a recording application, traditional audio recorder, laptop) 

  • Internet access


You AND your participant must have:

  • Lannang heritage

  • Conversational knowledge in any of the languages or varieties of interest below

Do I get anything?

Your contribution matters to us a lot, so apart from you getting the satisfaction of being directly involved in heritage documentation and preservation, we at the Archives are offering the following perks:


  1. Official mention: You can get listed as an advocate or ally on our website (

  2. Participant/ Story Feature: We can do a feature story of your participant (e.g. cultural treasures in their golden years) on our website and social media platforms.

  3. Certificate: All contributors are eligible for a certificate of involvement, if needed.

  4. Anonymized summary of results: You get exclusive access to the summary of the background survey you (and other people) answered when you submitted your file.

  5. Archive access: If you want to conduct research, you are eligible to request access to specific recordings from the Archives (with permission from the data subject).

  6. Citation: You get cited in our awesome language map (


What languages are you interested in?

Lánnang-uè, Southern Min/Hokkien, Chavacano, and other Lannang languages (e.g. Sinug, Hiligaynon, English). Visit this link for more details.

Is this ethical? Has this project been reviewed by the Institutional Review Board?

Yes. Your participation in this project is voluntary. Subsequent to your consent, you may refuse to participate in or withdraw from the project at any time without penalty. You may choose not to continue with the session for any reason. The University of Michigan Institutional Review Board Health Sciences and Behavioral Sciences has determined that this project is exempt from IRB oversight. (Cases HUM#00156796 and HUM#00159749).

I have concerns about privacy...

Know about the steps we are taking to ensure privacy in this link.


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