Human Resources

As a Communications graduate and now working in an airline and tourism industry, I believe that language and culture greatly influence our everyday lives. I believe that language and cultural sensitivity will help one to have healthy relationships. At the same time, as a travel enthusiast, I love to meet different people. Sharing and hearing different stories, I appreciate that the beauty and uniqueness of each person lies in their language and culture.
It is through these interests that I decided to work in The Lannang Archives. I believe that joining this organization will be a new learning experience for me. By understanding the Lannang heritage, I hope to develop a new understanding about myself and the environment I am in. Moreover, I would also love to share my insights and skills that will also help for the cultural awareness and growth of others and of the group.

440 Lorch Hall 611 Tappan Street Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 48109-1220

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