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TCA welcomes new Scribes

The Chinoy Archives welcomes five new Scribes for the year 2020 - charged with the task of documenting a metropolitan Manila variety of Philippine Hybrid Hokkien (Lánnang-uè) - a contact language perceived as a broken variety of Hokkien. These scribes are: Serina Mara Alonzo, Steffi Anne Chong, Micah K. Young, Nelson Chong, and Matthew Lua.

They will join the team comprising of veterans Aya Sophia Gan and Norlene Chua.

The new Scribes bested more than 50% of the applicants in the 2019-2020 pool, exhibiting a diverse range of skills that are crucial in this documentation project.

Serina Mara Alonzo is a writer, code writer, and incoming musicology student.

Steffi Anne Chong is a digital content producer with experience on CMS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Micah K. Young is a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy graduate from the University of the Philippines Manila.

Nelson Chong is a student at the University of Hong Kong, taking up a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and majoring in both Accounting and Finance.

Matthew Walden Lua is an undergraduate student taking up BS Computer Science, with a specialization in Software Technology. He focuses on web development, programming, and design.

Read more about them here.

Congratulations and welcome to the Team!

If you want to be involved in this project, and want to earn extra income, go to this link. We are looking for highly motivated individuals to join our Team.

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