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Steffi Chong promoted to Junior Research Assistant

On May 11, 2020, Steffi Anne Chong was promoted to Junior Research Assistant at The Chinoy Archives for Sino-Philippine Languages and Linguistics. She has been involved in documenting the Manila variety of Lánnang-uè (Philippine Hybrid Hokkien) since 2019.

This is her bio:

Spending most of my life learning about Hokkien, I still find myself lost within this dialect. Every time I converse with fellow Chinese, I find out that my knowledge in this dialect is just at the tip of the iceberg; there's so much more to learn. I want to take this opportunity as a research assistant in The Chinoy Archives to expand my knowledge on this subject and master it. I graduated from Grace Christian College with a Bachelor's degree on Information Technology. Currently, I am working as a digital content producer with experience on CMS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Outside work, my hobbies include music, theater, movie, TV shows, and other lovely things.

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