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Yixuan WU



I am currently a student at International School Manila in Taguig City and wish to pursue my goal of going to the US for college. Although a full Chinese in blood, I have lived in the Philippines for most of my life and have interacted and befriended many people of the Lannang heritage. I have been entrenched with creative writing exploring topics such as culture, identity and heritage. I believe that these things are truly unique, which is also why they must be preserved no matter the cost. I would like to help increase the awareness and interest in the preservation of the Lannang heritage by helping with the online publications, and also through creating content for videos that helps to inspire other people. Being a member of the Lannang Archives also just gives me the opportunity to dive deeply into exploring the Chinese-Filipino heritage myself, allowing me to interact and learn from many other people who have the same interests as me. When I am neither writing nor rushing school work, I would either exploring different genres of music or just chatting with friends.

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