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I am a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture. I'm currently on my second year as a Junior Architect of WTA Architecture and Design Studio. I've always gravitated myself to the various fields of arts, even if they are not directly connected with my profession. I like to explore different aspects of society as it guides me to design better for the people that will use my architecture, and language is one such thing. And with that line of thought, I also want to be of service to the society in things other than what my profession can accomplish. As a Chinese born in present day PH, I don't want to waste the culture brought in by our ancestors to instinction. I want to be able to help in preserving our language, as well as get to know it better. As such, I want be a volunteer of The Chinoy Archives.

440 Lorch Hall 611 Tappan Street Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 48109-1220

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